New year wishes


The 8rd of December, the end of a year and of many problems. For example this morning, on my way to the office I realized I forgot to make a wish list for december. It must have been considered, written in time, signed, stamped..and well hidden from the eagle eyes of my family..that’s the way it is done, isn’t it? Well, I simply forgot about it. I was almost about to forget about the midnight wish in the New Year’s Eve while I was staring at the sky to see comets and colorful stars. What really matters is that despite the great political thinkers of this country I began this year with some cash in my pocket and with my bank rate paid for two months in advance. Even better is that I ate fish in the New year’s Eve, it is said that it’s good to be like the fish during the year and the scales mean money so it is very good.

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It's time of Christmas and new year. And it's time of pyjamas and hot chocolate, home and movies. 
My three favorites of pyjamas:

First of my favorites is "family pack". It's something the best I ever seen. It's three of pyjamas for only 25$.
You can choose size for Dad, size for Mom and size for Kid. I am very suprised with price and quantity.

Second of my favorites is for family. It's mix of colors.

Third is for family too.. It's green edition.

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